Pacific Stroke Association

About Us

About Us

Pacific Stroke Association is a local, community based nonprofit organization serving Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties in California since 1998. Tax ID #: 77-0500631.

PSA's mission is to reduce the incidence of stroke through education and to help alleviate stroke's devastating aftermath through support programs for stroke survivors and family caregivers.

Our Commitment

Pacific Stroke Association is committed to empowering people to thrive after stroke.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We support stroke survivors and family caregivers by connecting them with vital local community resources.
  • We value the experience, knowledge, and involvement of stroke survivors and professionals working in post-stroke rehabilitation.
  • We provide opportunities for volunteers and interns and value them as integral to our mission.
  • We seek partnerships and collaborations to better fulfill our mission.
  • We are dedicated to providing post-stroke programs and services free of charge or at a low cost.